Monday, March 20, 2006

Interesting Folks

As I mentioned in a post just before vacation, we love the place we always stay because of the interesting visitors. Most come for just a few days, while we stay for over a week. Because of the luxury of the extra time we get a broad array of personalities to get to know.

This vacation was no different. There are always favorites each year and this year it was Jackie (or Jackson as she is professionally known) Hunsicker. Jackie is a television and movie writer, inventor, and two time cancer survivor. As a result of the last description, she is about to publish a book entitled Turning Heads: Portraits of Grace, Inspiration, and Possibilities (Paperback). It's already listed at, but won't be published till May. It can be pre-ordered now so you won't miss this inspiring book.

Jackie' s reason for publishing the book is to show the beauty of women who have lost their hair during cancer treatment. Jackie shared, "I'm sick of this inner beauty nonsense!" She shared that most women have the same immediate response when being hit with the cancer diagnosis; that thought of, "Oh no, I'm going to lose my hair." Jackie did not make this book coffee table sized, because she wants it to be easily passed on to those who need to know that they too can be beautiful as they are going through treatment. Hats (and scarves) off to Jackie!

With whom would you like to share a copy of this book?

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