Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You Had to Be There!

Last week the Toledo Chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors® had their second annual Spotlight on Affiliate Lunch. This event was started last year to begin thanking the affiliate members for all they do to help the Chapter. They sponsor, they volunteer, and generally help the Realtor® members to be more successful. One aspect of the lunch was that each participating affiliate had the opportunity to give a 45 – 60 second commercial. Now with twenty three participants, this could have gotten boring, but several people were very creative in their approach.

Dawn Belzung, who represents Metropolitan Title Company, gave her presentation midway through after three or four other title agencies had talked about how they were unique. Dawn with a very straight face said, “I’m here to make an announcement. Metropolitan will not longer be charging fees.” There was a very deafening silence in the room, as the whole Real Estate market is very competitive these days. Dawn waited just long enough, and then continued with, “Now that I have your attention, that’s not true.” Dawn got the audience to listen to what she had to say, instead of just tuning out. I saw people coming up to her after the formal part of the luncheon, laughing and talking. Dawn achieved her goal of making people curious and also giving them a reason to talk with her. I’m sure there were a few other title agents ready to kill, but Dawn is so fun-loving that she probably killed them with kindness!

What have you done to catch an audience’s attention? Did it work out well or instead backfire?

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