Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Networking for Fun

Today I have a speaking engagement for the annual Lial Ladies Luncheon. Lial is a private, Catholic, Kindergarten-8 school in Whitehouse, Ohio. Lisa Wilkie, Director of Developoment, who asked me to speak, related that they really want this to be fun for the women as opposed to a direct fund raising message. I have crafted my presentation to reflect this focus and a more personal approach to networking as opposed to business. I will be telling stories of actual networking anecdotes, and what the networking lesson is from each.

Additionally, Lisa shared that each of the women attending have been asked to give a word that describes Lial School for them. When I received the list of the words, I thought of how Scott Ginsberg owns the word approachability. I plan to ask some of the women to tell why they've chosen their word -- what the circumstances were for them. It should be a fun presentation.

If you were to use a word to describe your elementary or even high school experience, what would it be and why?

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