Monday, July 14, 2008

A Reason to Celebrate

Last week Davis College celebrated their 150th anniversary with a day long festival in their parking lot. Davis always brings a lot of creativity to whatever they do -- they are longtime "FISH" devotees.

To everyone's surprise, many of the faculty (at left is Diane Brunner, president of Davis College) were dressed in the fashion from 1858. It was a hot day and I felt so badly for them. Their red faces told the story of how hot those costumes were. I can't imagine living in those days and having to wear ALL those clothes ALL the time!

Additionally, Davis is donating $1858.00 each month to various charities. The charities for July will be announced from the voting boxes that were set up at the festival. There were five charities to choose from, I voted for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The ballot boxes were wooden affairs, probably much like the ones use 150 years ago for elections.

Davis College is a huge supporter of the Certified Networker program both by providing a classroom for the "public" class and also adding it as course in their curriculum for their registered students.

Davis is a small college, only about 450 students, but they are big on delivery. I bought a royal blue sweatshirt at the festival to wear later this fall. I will be proud to let the world know that I am involved with such an innovative institution.

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