Friday, November 21, 2008

Tears to my Eyes

I was blown away today.

After visiting the Hannah's Socks blog the other evening, I read about the opportunity to become a recurring donor. I signed right up. Today in the mail as promised I received a package that contained some Hannah's Socks goodies AND

a personal thank you note from 8 year-old Hannah.

Now, I'm sure you have received a thank you note from the charities you have donated money to -- it just makes good sense for them to go to the effort. But I must admit that I thought I would get a word-processed letter perhaps with Hannah's signature.

But oh no! This note was on cream-colored construction paper, with a beautiful crayon drawing of socks. In her third grade printing style, Hannah wrote this note:

"Dear Ms. Deby, Hi, Thank you for donating to Hannah's Socks. We have a lot of homeless people to take care of. I am glad you are helping me. Love, Hannah"

Now I ask you? Does this 8 year old have her head on straight?????

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