Saturday, January 10, 2009

That Name Game

I was asked to speak about networking at the monthly N.O.G.A. (Northwest Ohio Gerontological Association) this past week. Usually, their meetings are more formal educational events, but this one they dedicated to networking.

As I entered I was given the typical label of half of two people or things that go together to put on my name tag. I was Butch Cassidy. Okay, I knew I had to find the Sundance Kid. But I didn't find that person before we had to sit down for the meeting. Angie Weid, Organized Solutions, was the person who invited me to speak and she made the introduction. I talked for just a few minutes focusing on the idea of making appointments while AT the event, rather than just collecting business cards. At the end of my talk, Angie announced, "Okay, now you all have been partnered with someone. If you haven't found them yet, you're going to be able to do so, because we're all going to do some more networking. BUT, this person can be your first appointment."

What a great addition to this usual game. Make an appointment to get to know this person better. I did see appointment books and PDAs being used. I scheduled two appointments and made several other contacts, too.

What did you do at your last networking event to reach your new goals for the new year?

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