Monday, August 21, 2006

Aerial Dog Fight

This morning I had the luxury of being in my office which doesn't often happen. My office window looks out over our front porch. The geraniums and red salvia are really in their splendor right now. The hummingbirds have been visiting like crazy, sticking their needle sharp beaks into the throats of the flowers.

This morning there were two little dynamos vying for territory. They spent more time (and probably more energy) trying to get rid of the other one than they did sipping the nectar. They were comical in their fierceness.

As I was watching them, they made me think of how human competitors sometimes act in the very same manner. Instead of seeing how to help each other be more successful, they work very diligently to discredit the other. The energy used for such endeavors is not productive and certainly takes valuable time away from being successful.

When have you seen hummingbird-like behavior from your competitors?

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