Friday, August 4, 2006

How to Not Get People to Buy

The names have been change to protect the guilty here!

My weekly BNI meeting had just completed. I introduced myself to a visitor to ask for her card. I figured that she might be a good resource for another business friend.

I was wrong.

Here's why.

As soon as she handed me her card, she launched into a directive saying that she had products that could help me. After all, I had a cute haircut and presented myself well, but oh, I just needed help with the skin. Now I must admit that I had a big zit on my cheek, and I do have some wrinkles, but for an old broad closin' in on 60, I don't think I'm doing too badly. It was quite obvious that she had a different opinion.

I will never in a million years purchase products from her and also I will never refer her to my friend.

We have a saying in the networking class that I teach that says, "Move along the relationship scale as quickly and as APPROPRIATELY as possible." This women jumped to where my closest friends might tread lightly. She was inappropriate. She also didn't realize that she was infringing on the territory of a BNI member who does sell skin care products. But you know what? My feeling is that even if she did know it, she wouldn't have cared.

Where do you weigh in on this topic. Did she have the right. Am I being too critical? Have you ever been in the same situation where "for your own good" someone has proceeded to insult you?

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