Thursday, April 3, 2008

Linkedin Etiquette

Alright, I must admit that I'm only just getting to understand LinkedIn. For the longest time I just thought it would open my whole address book to the chance a being spammed, but now I understand that is not true. LinkedIn seems that it could be a very nice tool for helping to develop new relationships.

But here's the question. Or I guess I'm asking if my understanding is correct.

The way I understand is that if someone removed from my immediate network wants to communicate with me, they have to ask the person who knows both of us to make an introduction first. Is that right?

The reason I ask, is today I received a second Linkedin email from someone I don't know asking me to request a link with them so they can pick my brain to help them recruit workers. The first email was similar in that he wanted to connect to do business and then in the very long email proceeded to sell me on his services.

Is that the way it's supposed to happen?

If so, I don't think I like LinkedIn.

Who can help me to understand this whole concept?

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