Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Library Thing

Well, I figure I've saved myself about $315 at minimum. I decided to start using the library instead of ordering books online. I also started keeping track of the books I read through "Library thing" which you can link to from my blog. You can look at what I've read in the last year just by clicking on it. The first entry was May 21 '07 and since that time I've read 45 books. At an average price of $7, (if I ordered used) the savings really does add up!

I really hadn't looked at all the features of this website, but just recently realized that in the list of books, if I click a title, I get a whole bunch of information including usually a list of other books that I might enjoy. Gosh, I'm in pig heaven!

For those of you who love reading as much as I do, this might be fun for you to do, too.

What's the best book you read recently?

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