Tuesday, September 9, 2008

To Sell or Not?

There are two types of marketers out there.

One is an in your face, "buy from me" type and the other is the "let me see how I might help you" type.

Both are right.

Both are wrong.

It just depends.

Mainly on the situation.

When you have an appointment where the prospect wants to find out if he needs your "stuff," it is so very appropriate to sell. And don't forget to close the sale.

When you have just met someone, it is less grating if you don't sell. That includes networking events. In fact, if you sell in these situations, people will talk about you behind your back and you'll see a lot of their backs as they run away from you.

But if you are in a selling situation and just sit there shooting the breeze, that is equally off-base. The prospect will feel that you are wasting his time.

Ya' have to walk a fine line. Ya' have to know what is expected of you. Ya' have to watch body language.

Selling is not networking. Networking should not be selling. Both must be done appropriately.

Rule of Thumb:

If you have just met the person and you really don't know their situation, you can't sell because you don't know if they need your stuff or want to do business with you. Keep your brochures in your pocket. Take time to develop the relationship and in doing so, you'll probably find out if they want and need what you do.

Thoughts on this?

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