Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Angie in Alaska

As a great networker, Angie Weid, a professional organizer living in Temperance, Michigan wanted to give back to her community, and she doesn't ever think small. Habitat for Humanity is her favorite charity, and she certainly could have volunteered to work on a project near to her home. With the the business world becoming global, Angie decided that would be the way she would operate too. She volunteered for a week long Habitat Global Village project in Anchorage, Alaska. Angie had to pay her own expenses and also had a certain amount of money she needed to raise for a donation.

With lots of energy to spare, after one long, eight-hour construction day, Angie climbed to the top of Flattop Mountain in Anchorage. The picture was taken at 11:30 PM; yep, that's just before midnight. Never one to shirk a challenge, Angie shared that the work week and climbing the mountain were both two of the most strenuous activities she has ever undertaken. She is happy and proud to have done both.

What is the most difficult task or tasks you have undertaken of which you are totally proud?

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