Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Power Teams

This week my friend Dave Bodner and I were talking about Power Teams, those sub groups of people within a BNI chapter that meet more often because usually they have a similar target market. Power Teams are an advanced concept within the BNI world because to make them work well, each member has to know his or her narrow target market. Many people either don't get this concept or don't want to get this concept because it feels like they are giving up too much. They want to continue to sell to anyone in the world.

Dave's Power Team is new and they are figuring out how to make it all work. What we found out in the conversation was that the five individual members think they all have a similar target market, but really they don't. They have identified small to medium sized businesses with 25 - 50 employees in NW Ohio. I laughed to myself when Dave told me this, because that is a description of half the world. This group of five is committed to developing and making their team work. I don't doubt that it will happen. There may be some adjustments along the way, but with five individuals committed to helping each other gain more new business, something good will come of it.

If someone asked you what your target market is, what would you answer be?

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