Thursday, June 29, 2006

Budding Comic Artist

I just never know when I'm going to bump into something interesting to blog about.

Today was such a day.

I sit on the Advisory Board for Career Services at Davis College and we had a quarterly meeting this afternoon. Brian Houdashelt is also a member of the Board. Brian is a alumni of Davis, and he now works there, too. He is also a graduate of the Certified Networker (CN) training. Every month a newsletter is published for the 300 member CN community and a large part of the newsletter is the opportunity for CNers to tell the others in the community about something they've accomplished....something they are proud of.

Brian has been falling down on the job!

What I found out today is that Brian has started a new comic strip that he draws three times per week. It is called Victor. Check it out, the humor is right there. Victor thinks he is brilliant and his assistant proves him wrong quite often.

But my question to Brian is, "Why in the world haven't you told us about this accomplishment? It certainly is worth tooting your horn."

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