Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A New Front Porch

This past weekend four of us flew a kite at Put-n-Bay, on South Bass Island, OH. Many people think of this little town more for partying, particularly at the Roundhouse Saloon, but there is lots more to do. The wind was quite strong and you can see from the pictures that a good firm stance was needed if you didn't want to go flying off over the bay!

We had a blast. Steve, my hubby, taught us to stall the kite enough to touch down, rest for a second on edge and then flip it back into the air. Well, at least we got the touch down part right.

As I watched Steve, Greg (my son), and Lisa (my daughter-in-law) fly the kite, I also glanced around and saw people stopping to watch. One couple stayed for a long time and finally she came up and began asking questions about the kite and where to buy such toys. As we were chatting with this complete stranger, it occurred to me that we had found as Scott Ginsberg puts it, another front porch. When you are sitting on your front porch, people stop by to chat for awhile

What interesting ways have you found that invite people to talk to you?

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