Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inviting Mindset

I am always amazed when people don't remember or know an important rule of networking -- the one that says, "the person who invites, is the one who picks up the check." Now this is not one of the Ten Commandments of Networking a Mixer that Dr. Ivan Misner, Chairman of BNI, talks about, but it is probably should be the 11th commandment.

I happened to be at a networking event this week where I had volunteered to be at the registration table to take money. It is a great place to be because I got to greet every member and visitor. A very nice lady came to the table and related that she was the guest of a member. The member had not arrived yet, so we introduced her to one of the welcome committee members knowing that they would make her feel right at home.

The inviting member arrived after the lunch started. I asked if this member would be paying for the guest, too. The reply was, "No, I don't really know her that well." In addition, this member needed to be introduced to the guest. Now I have invited plenty of people who I've never met in person to events , but I sure try to be at the event when they arrive. After I introduced the two, I thought to myself that with this attitude the member would never get to know this guest very well. The member does not seem to have a welcoming open attitude.

What are your thoughts, either from the member's or the guest's point of view?

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