Wednesday, July 5, 2006

What Does Confidence Look Like?

Contained in the list of "things" to write about, is the topic of "What Makes Women Seem Confident?" Several people have asked me to write about this and I am interested in the subject because many people tell me that they are intimidated by me before they get to know me. Yikes! That sure is the opposite of the message I want to send and it is always a surprise to me when I hear that comment.

I figure this is all tied up in body language -- the silent words that deliver more than I ever want to divulge. Knowing a little about this part of the sales world, I'm thinkin' that it probably has to do with length of eye contact, calmness of voice, pacing of verbal delivery, erectness of body and a trillion other things.

I have my father to thank for my shoulders back posture. One day as a third grader I must have been slouching and he told me that it was important in life to put my shoulders back. I have Toastmasters International - Westgate Club to thank for my confident presentation skills. But what is it that I am doing that makes people intimidated? Looking at the line up below, which of the women appear most confident? What makes you think so?

What comments do you get about the way others see you? Is it a surprise?

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