Monday, December 3, 2007

I Win No Matter What!

Tonight I'm working on a first draft of a nomination for the Toledo YWCA Milestones award, which is an annual tribute to extraordinary women in our community.

I am nominating my friend Kim Welter, who is the Executive Director of EqualityToledo, the organization that works for equality for all Ohioans regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Kim is passionate about what she does and is getting better at it every day! This former school teacher is learning how to advocate politically and to create coalitions that will support equality for everyone.

What I love about this process is that I get to know more about what Kim does because I have to have a very clear understanding in order to write a winning nomination. Additionally, when I write a nomination, I ask for permission to talk with others who know and work with my nominee. Already, tonight I have talked with one person who sang Kim's praises. Reverend Connie Bonner, Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor at St Vincents Mercy Medical Center said, "This is really great, you get to meet so many people doing this." And she is right. I feel lucky to have this opportunity.

Who would you nominate for an award and why?

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