Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Yeah, My Bucket is Half Full

People make it all worthwhile.

Today I met with a young business person who is in the process of starting a BNI chapter. He wants to do it right. The BNI director who is helping him suggested he meet with me. By the time we were done, he had all kinds of thoughts about the types of people he could attract to his group so he gets his chapter off the ground as quickly as possible. I loved his energy.

I have a new trainer for CN in Cincy. Gregg has enthusiasm, energy and great ideas. He gets things done. I am enjoying the extra umph he gives me. He's three hours away, but as the butterfly flaps its wings and the air is disturbed around the world, so does Gregg make his positive vibes come my way.

Another Certified Networker friend, Janice, from Florida called asking for some advice. We talked for quite awhile. It felt good that someone else valued the information that I could provide...and she gave me a couple good ideas, too.

Tonight, Sandy Pirwitz, Sandy's Stuff and I delivered a check to one of the charities, Aurora Gonzales Community Center, from our Masters of Sales event. It was dark at 5:30 PM and we had to meet in a not a very nice part of town. But inside at the board meeting, when we gave them the $700 check they had tears in their eyes. It made it all worthwhile.

I am lucky to have so many great people in my life.

What makes you smile like I am tonight?

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