Thursday, December 13, 2007

Networking Gone Wrong

Today I went to a networking lunch.

It was a demonstration of how it should NOT be.

We were called to our lunch tables at 11:45 AM. The president proceeded to talk for the next hour. The food sat on the buffet table the whole time, salad getting limp, entree getting dry.

Now if this had been an exciting or interesting program, it probably wouldn't have mattered.

But it was boring. One good point was that at least PowerPoint was not used!

I had brought a guest. I had paid for her lunch. She didn't even get to eat her lunch because she had to leave at about the time when we were finally released from torture (my opinion) to go through the buffet line.

I could tell you more, but is it any wonder that this group struggles to gain membership. The program was not about our audience members today, but all about self-congratulation for ALL (and I mean all) that was accomplished in the past twelve months.

What groups do you see doing things really well, and what have they done?

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