Saturday, May 10, 2008

Leadership Toledo, Project Day

Friday was another stupendous Leadership Toledo day.

This time the six groups reported on the projects they worked on all year. Each project helped a non-profit become better or more successful.

What we all realized from this exercise was that as we went through the year, we all learned something that we didn't expect to learn.

One group had their non-profit go belly-up after they had invested quite a bit of time into it. Not to be discouraged, they chose another organization to work with, The MADD Poet's Society. At first the society wanted help finding a space to meet, but once that was accomplished, the LT project group went on to help in other ways.

That was the theme of the day with all six groups -- flexibility in finding out what was needed was important, because it was usually different from the original stated need of the non-profit.

I don't think that has anything to do with the ability of the non-profits. It just said that like many of us, when we are too close to the situation, it is difficult to see what is really happening.

Have you ever worked on a project, only to realize mid-stream that the plans needed to be changed?

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