Sunday, May 11, 2008

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Success comes in many ways!

As I have written here before, I worked on Hannah's Socks as my Leadership Toledo project this year.

One questions that Doris and Vic Turner have asked is how to expand their non-profit from a small local organization to a larger national or even international concern.

This is something that I certainly have no experience to share. I am more schooled in the for-profit sector. But I am not one to let lack of knowledge slow me down.

Ever since they asked for help, I have asked everyone I met with if they can help solve this challenge.

Bingo! This week I had coffee with Kristen Cajka from the American Red Cross. We had met previously when she attended one of our Certified Networker graduations representing the favorite charity of the MVP student in one of our classes. Being so named means that the charity gets a little extra PR at the event and they also get a huge check for $50.

Kristen gave me Megan Meyer's name. Megan is with the Center for Non-Profit Resources. I e-mailed Megan the question asking for help. She e-mailed back saying that the answer has many variables. She suggested that we meet. So on the 27th of this month, Megan, Doris Turner, President of Hannah's Socks and I will have breakfast and chew this very topic along with our food.

Now on to the next challenge!

I have learned so much this year being part of the group that worked on Hannah's Socks for our Leadership Toledo project. The best part of finding out what I don't know is that I can make it part of what I do know!

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