Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Training is Profitable

Yesterday, my friend, Dave Bodner who is a financial planner with Seymour & Associates, Mass Mutual here in Toledo, OH, introduced me to a new member of the Seymour team. Brian wanted to find out more about the networking education that Certified Networker course might provide.

During the conversation, Brian gave the classic example of how in his own estimation, he's not doing so well with his networking. His very best friend, who he spends a lot of time with, said to Brian just recently, "What do you really do anyway? I know that you are a financial planner, but what does that mean? I know that you work only with people with a lot of money, so I know you can't help me, but who do you work with????"

Brian said those questions were the wake-up call. Here was a BEST FRIEND who probably wanted to help but didn't know how to.

I'm guessing that Brian will jump into one of the Certified Networker classes fairly soon so that he can learn how to educate his best friend and others who also might want to help. That lesson is a cornerstone of having successful referral relationships.

If you asked your best friend (or your mom) to describe to you what you actually do, could they do it beyond just a general description?

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