Monday, February 19, 2007


I was talking with a friend recently who meets regularly with a group of friends that have a goal of helping each other gain more referrals.

I asked how it was going. She said, "Okay." (not great)

It seems that every other month they focus on one member and she is the one for this month. The members have been giving her suggestions but no referrals. (You should do this or you should do that.)

It's my guess that the goals of the group need to be revisited. They each want more referrals, but are only giving suggestions. In my opinion they can do the following:

  • Set goals for the type and number of referrals they will give each month.
  • Be accountable for bringing those referrals.
  • Actively seek out referral business for the target, instead of waiting for it to happen.
Or they can disband. Or they can decide that the group has a different focus. Or they can continue with status quo.

What would you want?

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