Monday, April 30, 2007

Scarcity Thinking

"I don't have enough, so I want everything."

That is scarcity thinking.

Those being this way demonstrate to the rest of the world that they are DESPERATE.

Recently I met with a young networker, who was complaining because she wasn't getting the referrals she wanted from her referral sources. This young woman is a member of a referral group that meets weekly.

Even though the group meets weekly, she has been in attendance just half the time.

Would you refer to her?

Not only does she want to gain referrals in her area of expertise, but she also wants to gather in referrals from the fringes of her business line where she has no experience.

Would you refer to her?

She has given plenty of referrals to her members, but none have turned into business.

Maybe this is not entirely her fault, but I'm guessing that she is just giving anything that remotely sounds like a referral to try to make it look like she's doing something.

Would you refer to her?

She's received referrals, but did not follow up on these referrals in a timely manner.

Would you give her more?

The important question is: Is there any wonder why she is not getting all she wants?

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