Friday, April 27, 2007

Camp CEO, Part II

It important to know all the rules!

My friend, Lori Cannon and I learned the Girl Scout rule about backing our car into the parking space at Camp Libby in the winter when we provided a presentation skills training for a group of girls. Our friend, Angela Tennaro, Program Director for the Maumee Valley Girl Scout Council kidded us because we had not noticed that we were the only car "headed' in. They park backwards because if there is an emergency, it is easier just to jump in the car and drive.

Makes sense.

So we knew that rule!

When we arrived at camp for the Camp CEO (read part I) weekend, a car was there before us, parked frontwards. It was Theresa's red SUV. She soon came up from the cabin to greet us and of course with all our knowledge about the proper way to park we were giving her grief her about her parking skills. She laughed and said, "Well, I've already been busted for my shoes!" Open toe shoes are a no-no at camp.
Knowing the rules is so important not only at camp but especially when you visit a networking group. Unintentionally breaking a rule, making that awful faux pas, will make you memorable.

Unfortunately, it might not be the type of memory you want!

Ask your friend who has invited you to the event, what you need to know before you go. It will help you to look like you belong!

What rules did you find out after the fact?

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