Monday, July 30, 2007

Winners or Losers

This past weekend, I participated in the annual Dragon Boats Races on the Maumee River in Toledo. It is really a fun time. Being a veteran of three years, I didn't get as nervous as I had in the past.

Our team, one of the three all-women's teams, was sponsored by McElheney Locksmiths. They actually sponsored two teams, a mixed group, called the Lock Ness Monsters and our female team named the Safe Crackers.

Being down on the river front, outside for the whole day was great.

A high point of the day for me was after the first heat, which we won. All three boats in that race had female crews. As the race ended we quickly docked, jumped carefully from the tippy boats and formed a double line with our paddles creating an arch overhead so that the women from the other two crews could receive our admiration for being part of the race as they came through the arch. Even better, one boat was breast cancer survivors, twenty two in all.

Later in the day, during the last races, our other team experienced something very different. They did not win that last race and were a little upset because of the tauting they received from the winners. There happened to be men on that boat, as it was a mixed crew.

My question is: Do you think the difference in the way those two end-of-race events happened had anything to do with testosterone? I'm just asking.

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