Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Yesterday, September 15, was my friend, Sandy Pirwitz's
10th Anniversary
of her store, Sandy's Stuff for Women. I am very proud of her. She was a nurse, and a very well-known one, for 30 years. In fact, if you google Sandy Pirwitz, the sixth entry down is an article in the Journal of Infection Control where she is listed as a major author.

She had a huge sale to celebrate the anniversary, giving back to her customers in a big way. I stopped by to take a card, take a picture and just to lend support. I left my purse in the car, never having an inkling that I would spend any money.

I should know better. Let me tell you about the bargains I got.

1. A dark brown, medium-wale corduroy pants suit, labeled from Casual Corner for $29. I'll need to have the pants altered, but no matter, that's a deal.

2. A cream and brown tweed jacket, that zips up the front. Another steal for $17.

3. A cream-colored with brown trim, cotton and spandex sweater set for $14.

4. A necklace and earrings with fall colors and leaves for $16.

And on top of that everything that I purchased was 20% off.

Sandy had a goal of hitting the $2000 mark in sales yesterday. I hope she hit it. My deals were so good, that I feel like I robbed her of reaching that mark.

Oh yeah, you'd think that the only thing she'd want to do last night was to go home a put her feet up. No, not Sandy. She's involved with a play called the Birth Project that was presented last night in Maumee. This play had a "talkback" session after the play with two local doctors. Sandy helped the producer to connect with these doctors and in that vein, she'll be there supporting those docs and giving to the community because that's what Sandy's all about.

Thanks, Sandy for all you do. Happy Anniversary.

ed. note: 9/16/07 Sandy reported that not only did she hit her goal, an all time high, but she went over by 20%. Bravo!

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