Monday, October 29, 2007

Hiding the Light Under the Bushel

This morning I had coffee with Cindy Morlock. She is a Realtor with Assist2Sell. She also is the president of the Silver Dollar BNI chapter, which is the chapter that I oversee as a director.

While I don't attend this chapter every week, I do go every five to six weeks.

This morning, just in passing, Cindy mentioned that she had been in the million dollar club for the last two years.

That's the first I've heard about it!

I asked Cindy if the members knew this piece of info. She smiled her very nice smile and said, "Ya' know, I was thinking that I'd put that into my introduction when I get the chance to do my next 10 minute presentation."

I said, "How about telling them this week? Put it into your sixty second commercial."

If she waits, she is handicapping her members from helping her. They don't have all the ammunition they need to help promote her.

The very same conversation took place with another person at lunch. She is a partner in a CPA firm, but she said that when she introduces herself to new contacts, she says, "I'm a CPA."

Our mothers have done way too good of a job of telling us not to brag.

When we have something to be proud of, it is time to shout from the housetop.

What piece of information have you been withholding from your friends?

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