Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Comin' Clean, I Didn't RSVP

I just got a phone call.

But first let me take you back about nine months.

In January or February of this year, I was introduced to a woman by a friend in a networking group. To protect the innocent, all names will be fictitious. So, my friend, Joe, intro'd me to Sally.

Sally happens to be a successful purveyor of cosmetics for a direct sales company.

We chatted briefly at the meeting and she said that she'd like to meet with me. Sally did not have her calendar with her.

I called her several times to schedule that appointment and left voice mail messages but I never received a return call.

I stopped calling because I didn't want to stalk. I also kept my friend, Joe, in the loop and he just shook his head.

Okay, now fast forward. Last week I received an invitation in the mail to a party kicking off another type of a direct sales business. This is a new effort - by the husband of Sally. Now, I have never met Bob, the husband. I couldn't pick him out of a lineup. But I got an invitation.

Because I didn't know him, I just threw the invitation away.

That's what the phone call was that I just got. Bob was calling to see if I was coming to his event, and he also happened to mention on the call that he'd invited 100 people. (Didn't that make me feel special?) I gave him my regrets.

Now, I'm sorry, but I'm insulted.

His wife doesn't have the time of day for me, but she passes my contact information on.

Am I being super sensitive?

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