Monday, March 3, 2008

Can You Belive?

In the Certified Networker course we use three letters, V-C-P, to have a way to describe the level of relationship. V is visibility, C is credibility and P is profitability.

With that being said, you also need to know that Steve and I live out in the country on 13 acres of what we like to call prairie, but what others would call a big farm field! The hawks are fun to watch out here as they soar over the field looking for a little "lite" lunch. Sometimes one will sit right outside our bathroom window, a foot or two away from the bird feeder, waiting for a little fast food!

Last night the two Springers (that is a picture of Owen looking particularly smart.) were out being dumb as usual. We could see them across the pond circling and pouncing on something. Steve went out to investigate and no, it was not a snake, nor was it a cat from the barns across the road.

No, it was a hawk. And it had an injured leg or maybe a wing, or maybe both. Steve rescued it and brought it in. It is pretty interesting up close. He did call Nature's Nursery, the wildlife rescue organization, but as far as I know they have not yet called back. So the hawk has taken up residence in the barn.

Back to V-C-P. With all the hawks, I think they are magnificent, but my relationship has always been one of very early visibility. They would fly away immediately when I came close. To keep this wonderful (I know, I know, they are not nice birds, but they are still beautiful.) bird, wild; we will try not to imprint on it. But wow, I do love being at just a little higher level of visibility so that I can see it up closer than ever before.

With most humans I want my relationships to develop to high credibility and hopefully, profitability with some. But I am happy with keeping this connection at a low level relationship, because that's what's best.

So what interesting happened on your Sunday afternoon?

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