Friday, December 15, 2006

Have You Heard of Talkshoe?

My friend, Deanna Tucci Schmitt, BNI Western PA, told me about Talkshoe, a website that allows for people to record conversations, presentations, educational session, etc. for free. Currently there is no advertising associated with a recording, but in the future there will be. I'm game!

Several years ago I tried to go the "teleclass" route with bridge lines. I would advertise the class, usually an hour in length, both online and I would market traditionally to the surrounding area. They were only somewhat successful. Where talkshoe is different is the recording. People can either just listen or they can dial in to become an interactive part of the session. Sort of like an old fashioned talk show. Once the show is over, it is listed on the talkshoe website for downloading. People visiting the site can choose to listen or download the podcast (recording) to a listening device (like an I-pod).

Deanna and I are going to do this with networking being the central theme. We will build visibility, credibility and hopefully recognition. But in my opinion we need to add a little something extrato gain a following. Maybe we should have a good girl/bad girl routine.

Give us some ideas. What should our shtik be?

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