Monday, December 18, 2006

Seth's Words on Jargon

Seth Godin talks about how people don't buy from sales people when sales people use industry lingo. I teach the BNI Membership Success Program in NW Ohio. We spend time during this two hour training working on the 60 second commercials that BNI members deliver during the weekly meeting so that other members of the chapter know the type of referrals needed.

The members are taught to talk in very simple terms, but I can place a bet each time I teach, that several participants will say something like, "One thing I offer is multi-angled annuaramities." Now, for those of you ready to google that term, it is made up. But as soon as I hear a phrase like that, I stop the class and ask everyone else if they know what the term means. Again I can bet the farm, that all or almost all will have no idea what the person is talking about.

The sad part is that I'm one of the few people who will say, "Gosh, I have no idea what you just said." The even sadder part is that those who don't understand just don't do anything. Their minds clicks, "Next!"

What really mind pondering lingo have you heard recently?

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