Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Mayor Fights Brain Drain

Here in Toledo, OH, the mayor, Carty Finkbeiner, garners a lot of attention by his concern with "brain drain." Young people leave the city when they graduate college. Carty wants that to stop. Carty's style is to be very much a bully so I am sure it just drives him crazy that he can't just tell them what to do, as he does every city employee.

In a post written by Drew, he wrote about shopping styles. Many people buy what they want instead of buying what the recipient wants. How does this tie to Carty? He had a well publicized meeting yesterday with a little over 100 young people in attendance who answered his survey about how to keep them in Toledo. What did he do? He showed them a video about what he's been doing for the city. As I read the article in the paper, I thought to myself, "my god, he's got the surveys. Why didn't he create a new video, instead of using a leftover, that addressed their wants and needs." More entertainment, jobs, etc. But no, he gave what he wanted, not what they wanted.

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