Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The GIANT Butterfly

What do a butterfly and a hummingbird have in common?

Evidently from the hummingbird's point of view -- NOTHING!

The other day I was looking out my window watching the hummingbird bump around the joe pie weed flower heads. They are also loved by the Monarch butterflies and sure enough one soon came along. For awhile the hummer didn't seem to notice, but then all of a sudden it seemed to be startled. It flew backwards as if to get away from the pretty butterfly. The butterfly seemed oblivious to all this and continued to flit around. That seemed to scar the bird more. When you think about it, the hummingbird is smaller than a Monarch. It cracked me up because Hummers can be so territorial, fiercely territorial. And it was afraid of a little butterfly.

So I have two questions.

For the naturalists, "Do Monarch butterflies scare hummingbirds or was I reading something into the situation?

For the networkers, "Does some innocuous thing scare you away from doing what you need to do? Just like the hummingbird?

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