Monday, August 13, 2007

No Call, No Show

This morning I taught a training program for new BNI members. One topic that was mentioned was showing up for appointments. Or actually more accurately what was asked about was NOT showing up for appointments.

You see, two new members had scheduled separate appointments with a seasoned member to get to know him better. The experienced member "no called, no showed" for both appointments. Come to find out, that person had recently left the chapter. I guess he didn't think he had anything to gain, so he just left each member dangling at the appointed time.

Toledo is a VERY small city. Those two members will bump into the former member sometime in the future. In fact, I'll bet at sometime that person will want a favor from one of the two newbies. What do you bet that the favor will not be granted?

What could that person have been thinking?????

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