Friday, January 4, 2008

Charlie's Dummy

A couple days ago, Seth Godin wrote a post about how he gave readers an excerpt from his new book and the same day he wrote about another friend's new book, too. Guess what! Seth sold more books for his friend that day, than he did for himself. He said, "The truism of the web: people talking about you is far more effective than talking about yourself."

Well, guess what! It's not just a truism of the web.

It is so much easier for me to sell for someone else than to sell for myself that it is almost heartbreaking!

That's why I like to introduce two people to each other with me in attendance. I can "sell" each person to the other saying things that would be considered bragging if they said it themselves.

That's why at our Evening with Masters event, when we also showcased three local authors, they sold more books than they had ever done at such an event. The reason was that I told the audience why I liked the books and why I thought they should purchase them. I had nothing to gain.

That's why I can sell my hairdresser's services to an acquittance before my friend even needs a haircut!

So it is not a mystery. The public is suspicious of you when you sell what would be a gain for you, but trust you implicitly when you represent someone else. Partnering to sell for each other is a good way to use this concept to your advantage.

When was the last time someone else sold for you?

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