Saturday, January 12, 2008

Say That Again

Okay, here it is.

I am hard of hearing.

I have been struggling with this for about two years now. Every time I see the specialist, he says that I am not yet ready for a hearing aid. But I think I am. (I'm not going to get one of those ugly flesh-colored ones either, no sireey, I'm going for the pretty ones!)

With the everlasting cold I seem to have right now, my hearing is even more affected.

As a result I have a very important message today.


If you want others to hear what you have to say, especially we who are hearing-challenged, project your voice. If a microphone is offered, use it. If you are making a comment or asking a question from the audience, please stand to do so. That helps to get more umph behind your voice.

During this past week, I missed out entirely on the presentation of the main speaker at a chamber luncheon, (there was a microphone available, but it was not adjusted properly) and at our Leadership Toledo gathering where we were reporting on our morning group visits, many times I could not hear the presentation and 100% of the time I could not hear the comments or questions. (There is nothing more frustrating than to not hear a comment, but then to have the speaker say, "Yes, that is a perfect example of what I was talking about.")

I know, I know, your remedy is for me to sit in the front row and yes, that would help. But as a speaker, I know that my job is to project to the people in the back row. If they can hear my talk without reading my lips, then I have achieved my goal.

As a group leader, encourage the above. Some people don't like to talk into a microphone because they've not done it before, but as a leader, I feel it is your job to set the "tone" of the event. Most don't think to stand when making a comment, but will do so if told.

Huh? What'd you say?

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