Thursday, January 3, 2008

How Many Are in the Circle?

How many people do you know?

Probably more than you imagine.

Today at my BNI chapter meeting we talked about the mechanics of hosting a visitor day. A comment was made that we all had to agree to the number of letters we would each send out, that all of us had to equally participate. The number of possible invitations suggested per person was 40. One member said that she would not be able to do that because she didn't know that many people.

So here is the challenge. How many people do you know? They don't have to be best buds, but people with whom you are acquainted.

In the Certified Networker class one of the tools we use helps participates to remember people they know and yet may have forgotten. There are twenty four different categories of people. My guess is that we could all easily invite 50 - 75 people to an event if we just took the time to remember who we know.

Do you use all your social networking capital or do you just forget people after you've met with them?

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