Saturday, January 26, 2008

See Ya in a Few

Since we will be leaving for the aeropuerto at 3:30 AM, I'll probably not post before I leave. Steve gets grumpy when I make him wait!

Tomorrow we'll spend the afternoon in San Jose, capitol of Costa Rica. We'll probably go down to the Central Market, although the workers at the hotel where we stay think we are crazy. Later we'll find a local restaurant and have some wonderful Rican cuisine and then that'll probably be it! My eyes will want to close at about 8:30.

The next day, we'll catch a small plane down almost to Panama on the Pacific coast. After a ride through a banana plantation and a boat ride down the Sieppe River into the ocean, we'll arrive at Aguila de Osa or paradise as I like to think of it.

People ask me what I do down there. I answer with one word, "Nothing!" That's a real vacation!

Oh, we'll go to San Josecito Beach, snorkeling and diving, horseback riding and zip line riding, but the overall theme for me is sitting and reading. I have six books with me, which probably means I'll be paying for overweight luggage on the Costa Rica flight, but there are no stores for me to buy more if I run out. I also watch the white face monkeys jump through the trees, kayak out into the ocean, watch the macaws eat cashews right outside our room and quietly watch the hummingbirds of all shapes and sizes. Ever so often a huge lizard will either fall out of a tree with a thump or will make lots of noise climbing it. Maybe we'll see the crocodile, although I think that last year the locals told me that it had disappeared.

Hopefully, I won't repeat several near misadventures of years past! That of getting a jellyfish sting on the side of my face because it was on my swimming shirt. When I took it off over my head, the j/fish smeared its stinging venom as it bushed against my skin. Not fun. One year I also missed stepping on a ferdelance snake by inches. It is THE most deadly snake in the world.
The very same year I got closer to a sea snake as I was snorkeling than I wanted to. It also has dire consequences. While that's not the way I want to go, Costa Rica and especially the area around Drake Bay where we go, is to die for!

I'm sure I'll have some fun stories for you when I get back and by the way don't forget the start of International Networking Week on Feb 4. Register at our website and compete in the contest. I will be networking with people from all over the world and will be listing those names when I get back.

Till then -- go network!

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