Sunday, October 12, 2008

"This is For Your Own Good"

Recently I was the receiver of some unasked for advice. The generator of this advice felt they had a mission. While I really didn't appreciate being attacked with this advice, I realized that this person had my best interests in mind.

Yea, well sort of.

I'll keep this short, but just a couple days ago I found out that the advice deliverer had talked about this incident to someone that we know in common. This conversation was also in front of another person that knows me. That person called me very upset at what had transpired.

This is where I am not so pleased.

As I said, as for the original advice giving, I was giving the benefit of the doubt that this person only meant well. But now that I know this person is "spreading the word" I am not so sure anymore. I am beginning to think that this person is not a very nice person. In fact, I'm beginning to think this person is a very devious person.

So here are a few rules for giving advice:

1. Don't give it unless it is asked for.

2. If you give advice, don't tell anyone else about it. Treat it as most confidential.

Do you think I am over reacting in this situation?

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