Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a Few of My Favorite Things

This morning I am heading out to Findlay (Ohio) to attend GreaterFindlayInc's morning meeting they have named Fresh Brewed. I always look forward to this monthly event.

Here are my reasons:


In just a little over an hour the program is set so that I get a little tidbit about what's happening in all parts of the community. It's kind of fun to continue to be educated and now that a little over a year has gone by since I began attending these meetings, I am beginning to feel like I'm a little in the know. (I have a long ways to go still!)

Crowd Attitude

Maybe it's just the AM crowd, but everyone is friendly and happy to be there. There nothing better than getting a lot of positive energy first thing in the morning!

Interesting People

While there is a core group that attends, (just like with any group) there are always new faces. That adds to the diversity of my education.

No Wasted Time

The meeting has a strict structure so no time is wasted and even though different faces take on different jobs each time, the meeting follows that agenda to a "T."

It's About the Members

The GFI (A.K.A. chamber) staff go out of their way to have the meeting be about members. They realize that they are not the organization, but that they help to make the organization for the members. Bravo goes to Dionne, Jeremiah, Diannna and Alissa.

What do you like about a group you attend?

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