Thursday, October 2, 2008

Winning Smiles

Lot of stuff goin' on.

Last week my friend Dave Bodner was one of twenty community leaders chosen for the 20 Under 40 Award. As a matter of fact, two other friends made it a trio. Angie Weid, see her Organized Solutions blog and Michael Temple were honored too. I felt like a proud mother hen, because all three are Certified Networker grads. That meant we (they) cornered 15% of the award territory that night.

Just so you know, my goal for next year is to increase that by 5% and have four people from our CN grad community win the award. Dave, Angie and Michael all certainly deserved the recognition. They do many things in the community to set themselves apart from the mainstream. Along with their high caliber comes the fact that they were nominated.

In the CN course we encourage nominations. It is a no-brainer in the way that it helps to develop the relationship between two people, when one person has to sit down and ask the other to divulge all the good things that have not been mentioned in polite (after all, mom said to never brag about yourself.) conversation. It certainly cements the friendship.

So a HUGE congratulation to Dave, Angie and Michael and also to the people who took the time to write and submit the nomination.

Now, what's next?

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