Thursday, October 16, 2008

One for You and One for Me

In word-of-mouth marketing, we try to reinforce the concept of reciprocal relationships, where both partners receive benefit. That might mean that for every referral I give to you that you give me one in return.

Well, yeah, that is the ideal world.

So now let's get real.

Mutually beneficial relationships can take on various shades of reciprocity.

Kendra Saldana, owner of Smart Sites by Kendra, is a great example of how she helps her referral partners. One of them, a radio station, has a popular advertising package that requires their client to have a website. No website, means they can't have this package. This is where Kendra comes in. The radio station refers the prospect to Kendra, she develops a website. Sometimes it is just a very simple one page deal, other times it is more complex. Once done, she steers them back to the station, so they can now get the advertising package.

In this situation everyone wins. Kendra gets a new client. The radio station gets a new client and the business gets the advertising they want.

Kendra has not had much opportunity to send a client to the radio station directily from her own sales efforts but the radio station still feels like they are getting what they need because Kendra is solidifying the possibility for them to get a client when she builds the website. Mutually beneficial.

Do you have some examples of recipricol referral relationships?

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