Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Networking Tool

When I think of networking tools, the first thoughts that come to mind are business cards and calendar. What else could you possibly need?

Well, I've just come up with a new one.

In the last couple weeks, I ended up at networking events and committee meetings seated next to people with major colds. Now I am not germaphobic in any way, but I just knew that the cold bug was going to get me. I tend to easily get colds and they are not mild. Some stay around for weeks on end.

Sure enough on Monday of this past week, I had that awful funny feeling in my nose when I got up. Great, not a good start to the week. I stopped at Rite-aid that day and perused the aisles for some over-the-counter good stuff. One box caught my eye with it's creative brand name.

No Time for Colds

And that's just the way I felt. I had tried cold remedies before that claimed to shorten the length of a cold if caught early. But they had never worked for me so I was very suspicious -- suspicious but somewhat desperate.

It worked!

By Thursday of that week, I was feeling almost as if I didn't have a cold. WOW! I'm a believer.

So along with business cards and calendar, No Time For Colds is a good networking tool to have on hand.

What's your favorite cold remedy?

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