Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holy Cow, Time Flies

I can't believe that it is already Thursday night.

Milestone time! Yesterday I hit the 10,000 visit mark for my blog. Thanks to all who helped me to reach that line in the sand. Now if I don't write, I'll be feeling really guilty!

Today I met with Beth Anne Barrett, a student at Davis College. Beth Anne just completed the Certified Networker accredited course at Davis. She is adamant that all college students should take this course.

But that's not what I really want to write about. Instead I want to talk about Beth and several other young women who are carrying full class loads, working jobs, managing families and still being able to give back to their communities doing volunteer work.

Beth Anne had organized a service sorority at Davis and already there are over 50 sisters participating. Now you've got to realize that Davis has about a little over 500 students. So that's 10% of the student body. And they are committed making money to give to charities each and every month. WOW!

Another student, Jennifer Vaneeckhoutte has the same litany; school, work family and she is a CASA volunteer. I know how rigorous and time-consuming that commitment can be because a friend of mine was a CASA volunteer in Pittsburgh. Jennifer is the advocate for a child in a court situation. She speaks directly to the judge.

I am so proud to know both of these young women and want to acknowledge their contributions.

Please salute these talented young women. Tell us who you admire.

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