Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What a Difference a Day Can Make

This past weekend Steve and I had the pleasure of walking early both mornings of the weekend. One day we took our yellow Lab, Gable, with us and the next day we took the two Springers, Dillon and Owen. (They really should be called Dumb and Dumber.)

What a difference between the two days.

Both days we went to the same park and traveled the same path.

Gable is now 13 years old -- a fine dog. While, as far as I'm concerned, he is still very handsome, he is getting slower. I think the hearing and eyesight are not what they used to be either. During our walk we saw about 20 - 25 deer, some very close. Gable could have cared less. And the deer just stood their ground not running away.

Owen and Dillon are seven years old. But you'd think they were still little puppies. The whole time they were walking they were pulling on the leash. I think my one arm is a couple inches longer than it used to be. Owen always makes noises, too. I liken him to the Little Engine that could. He just keeps chugging and panting along. We only saw about five deer, and those were at a distance. I'm sure that any that were around were scared away by Owen's noises.

So what's this got to do with networking.

Well, as I was being pulled along on Sunday, I thought about how some people are like Owen and Dillon when they go to a networking event. They scare people away. And then there are the calm attendees, like Gable, who people like to be around.

That's all. After all, my brain was on "weekend."

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