Saturday, November 10, 2007

Packed Week

Okay, this is Saturday morning and I am glad I made it through the week. Not only was every day packed to the gills, but I had a meeting or event every night.

I have several reasons to write quite a few thank you notes this weekend, which feels like a chore, right now, but I will actually love doing it when I get into it!

Wednesday afternoon, I attended a Toledo Chamber of Commerce function in downtown Toledo. BNI was a Silver Sponsor of the event and as such, received tickets they could give away. John Meyer, Co-executive Director of Team Ohio offered those tickets to all the Assistant BNI Directors and also asked them to invite a member from one of the chapters they oversee.

I invited DJ Deiter, from the Silver Dollar Chapter in Bowling Green, Ohio. Now, I have to tell you that I was not looking forward to spending these four hours in this manner. It had nothing to do with DJ, in fact he was the one reason that it was palatable. He is smart and we know each other pretty well, as he had just stepped off the leadership team of his chapter after a year.

There were several outbreak sessions listed in the brochure and many had the title, "To Be Announced." That was telling me that this was all a crap shoot.

Okay, I'll make this short.

I did meeting some interesting people.

I did connect with people I have met in the past who could be helpful.

I did sit through two rather ordinary (read boring, bad PowerPoint) sessions.

But this is all about me.

DJ actually went to three sessions. He is a financial planner for Modern Woodmen of America. The extra one he went to was about 401(k) planning and he went out of curiosity to find out what was being said. There were only three people in the audience for this session. One of those asked a lot of questions. DJ shared that he had introduced himself to this person and as a result had an appointment with this person to see if he could help sort out all these questions.

That was shared with me as we were walking out.

Duh! I realized that my attitude was all about me. "What was I going to get?????"

Double Duh! My attitude would have been a heck of a lot better if I had gotten out of my own way and just thought about others.

Hit me!

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