Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Having Fun in San Diego


That was not on my list of goals to achieve when I headed out to the BNI conference.

I think I will have to have it at the top of the list from now on.

Because I had a TON OF FUN at the conference.

Here's why.

I roomed with my good friend Michelle Dononvan from Pittsburgh. We shared ideas and she gave me a wonderful way to market my classes, in-between classes. Thanks Michelle!

We shared a common door (that was always open) with two other directors from Ohio. Sandy Pirwitz and Joani Donovan kept things in an uproar. Sandy wow'd us with a new outfit at least twice a day. Joani taught us new phrases.

We also hung out with new director, Andrew Kistner. He's only 22 and our job was to season him a bit! The funniest comment of the conference came from Andrew when he shared how Joani recruited him to be a director by calling him "at the butt-crack of dawn!"

Laughter. This conference showed me that I want more of it in my life.

How do you get your jollies?

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