Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ear piece, Smear piece

Word-of-mouth! It can win for ya'

Or it can KILL ya'

Motorola -- you're getting the second answer today.

Last week I decided to join the forward generation and bought a wireless Bluetooth earpiece.


Well, not really.

It took a call to New Deli, to get it to set up. Of course, one of the directions they told me to do was not listed on the "fast start" printed instructions that came with the device.

Got the pairing done.

Then I found it difficult to use because I was getting an echo.

Hearing me once is enough!

Second call to New Deli.

This person had me delete the device and start over again.

Did the start up steps. It paired. It would not work.

New Deli suggested I call Nextel's help line. Gave me number.

I called number. It was for Mobile T.

Called New Deli back. Told me to return it to where I purchased it.

Retrieved the packaging from the trash bin. It had a little bacon grease on it from the BLTs we had the other night.

Went to Home Depot. The nice lady helped me again.

Tried to make it pair and work today.

It paired but didn't work.

Called New Deli again.

New Deli made me go through all the start-up steps again. Doesn't work.

New Deli said, "I cannot help you beyond this."

I returned the ear piece for $106 back into my pocket.

Bought wired version. Ten Bucks. I plugged it into the Blackberry. It works.

Motorola, you SUCK.

You have done everything in your corporate power to NOT have me buy from you. I can't imagine that is the goal, but ya' just never know.

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